Dinosaur Christmas Card 5-Pack - All-Star 5th Anniversary Collection

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The 2018 pack of Dinosaur Christmas Cards is now on pre-order!

This year, as we celebrate the 5-year anniversary of Fletch Robbins Dinosaur Xmas Cards, we're providing an all-star lineup of some of our favourite pals from yuletides past, as well as one totally brand-new illustration. 

Each pack comes with 5 cards, all showing off the now expected Fletch Robbins festive humour, creativity, and love of all things prehistoric.

Snow-Angel Archaeopteryx **brand new**
Rudolf the Red Nosed T-Rex - Xmas 2017
Sweater Weather Raptor - Xmas 2016
Plesiosaur wants to build a Snowman - Xmas 2015
The Tangled Styrachosaurus - Xmas 2014

Cards are 5x6.5", come with envelopes, and are blank inside. They'll ship out November 30.